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Welcome to Special Santa 2022!

All of us at Special Santa’s Elf Workshop have been wishing on Rudolf’s bright red nose that we can be together again, and Mrs. Claus just sent us the good news! Special Santa is happening on December 10th! 


This year, children with disabilities and their families can choose to visit Santa in one of three ways: In Person, Virtually, or from his Santa-Mobile in the Drive-By option!

Our treasured Santa’s Workshop will be all decked out and full of craft projects, sensory experiences, mini-LEGO kits, and guide dogs for the children to visit in person.


At the Drive-By and Virtual Santa options, each child will receive a Santa Craft Box wrapped up with ribbons and bows, and filled with fun sensory experiences, holiday crafts, and a mini-LEGO kit. A letter from Santa, listing all our Special Santa Sponsors, will be included. Mrs. Claus will post videos showing how to make each craft, as well as videos spotlighting each of our wonderful Sponsors.

Saturday, December 10th - 9am - 3pm

Mrs. Claus Explains Special Santa Options

Schedule Your Magical Visit

Bring the magic of Special Santa to those who still believe!

Support Special Santa

As always, Special Santa is a zero-profit event put on by unpaid volunteers. Money donated by our Sponsors, coupled with funds raised by the CanDo 5K, will completely cover all the costs of Special Santa. Joy!

Support Special Santa through t-shirt purchases.

They make great Christmas pesents!

Only $18 each!

Available for Pre-Order

Ships by December 8th.

Many Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

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